Rentar Fuel Catalyst

Freedom Military, in partnership with Rentar Environmental Solutions, Inc., is a distributor of the RentarĀ® fuel catalyst.

Rentar invented a catalytic process to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful greenhouse gases in trucks, tractors, generators, ships, boilers and other combustion-powered equipment. The net result is a fuel cost reduction ranging from 3% to over 12%. Freedom Military’s sister company engaged SGS, the world’s leading emissions testing company, to conduct an emissions test on our own heavy-duty diesel forklift equipment. This test showed a reduction of NOx of 28% and a reduction over 30% in CO. There are other benefits including a reduction in black smoke opacity and engine maintenance costs due to the cleaner combustion of the fuel.

The investment breakeven of Rentar on equipment is typically less than one year, which means more capital for you to utilize on other capital investments.